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Using Tours to Connect with Followers

Routey gives you a whole new way to connect with your followers and readers, a “follow” function within your user profile on Routey will let the user see your tours on their home page once they log in. In other words, “follow” gets your tours into the user feed.

This presents a travel content creator with a new way to connect with a reader – from now your readers could follow you in your footsteps – literally.

Creating tours that reflect your passions in the city will lead to your readers walking those tours and understanding exactly what you like and why you like it at that specific location.

You can go further and explain, at each stop, what you like about it (things to eat there, things to buy, a hidden corner) and provide your readers with exact, in-depth understanding of why you love those places. The route itself is also important, the streets connecting the places also carry a certain meaning (through the park, or passing in a street that has certain interesting things in it) and also projects your character onto the tour.

This is how a logged user gets a “follow” feed

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