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Travel Blogger creating City Itinerary? this is for You

Are you a blogger that loves creating itineraries? do you have a couple of Pinterest “3-day itinerary for (enter name of city)” posts? this is one post that is just for you.

It does not happen often that Travel Bloggers get a tool they can use to connect with their followers and readers, one that can literally change the whole game. Well, now you have Routey.

You can create and share your walking tours, guided tours, few hours itinerary, best spots in town kind of tour, almost anything you want to create that will take your readers from one point to the other in any city, and you can add your thoughts on each point including a lot of other information as well.

When your readers will access your route on Routey they will have direct access to you, from your user profile on each of tour page, users can simply click your main link or social links to connect with you.

Routey becomes another channel to your audience, only this is a truly three-dimensional channel, this is not just visual or textual, your readers can download the Routey app and walk in your footsteps reading your comments about each point they stop at – and how to approach the next one.

Create an Itinerary and walking tours on Routey

We created this platform for everyone, but it is clear that are champions are travel bloggers, at the moment we are looking for a few of you out there to cooperate with and work together, this is an invitation.

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