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Discover London’s Clapton

Discover London’s little secrets, this one is a place that is still not in the lights and most people visiting the city do not know about. Clapton is an incredible neighborhood in full transition. Surrounded by Dalston, Hackney, and Stoke Newington, this area has recently got some interests from many young creative people. Not really famous compared to these other more touristic areas, Clapton hides a few special locations that could be interesting to discover.


4 Things You Must Know about Guided Tours

Thinking of taking a guided tour next time you travel? that is a great idea, however, there are a few things you should know before you sign up for any guided tour.

  1. Take one as soon as you arrive – you will make the most of your time in any city by taking a guided tour as soon as you can, this way you can ask the guide for any particular thing you have in mind, the huge benefit of taking a guided tour is to interact with a local – and ask them questions.
  2. A walking tour is your best option – as a traveler you will do a lot of walking, the best way to know a city is through the feet, and taking a guided walking tour will allow you to understand the city. Getting familiar with the city you’re visiting is a huge advantage and lowering the chances of getting lost and losing time is worth it.
  3. Consider the theme – there are many guided tours focused on different aspects and themes, choosing a general tour will give you a great background story for the city, but a specific theme will give you a rare insight into details are almost impossible to discover.
  4. Smaller is better – you do not always have the control or the available information but if you do try and go for smaller groups, guided tours of 25 people or more tend to be much less personal and if you’re far from the guide you will get much less out of the tour, in this case – smaller groups are really better.
4 things you must know before taking a guided tour

4 Things About Guided Tours



Are you a blogger that loves creating itineraries? do you have a couple of Pinterest “3-day itinerary for (enter name of city)” posts? this is one post that is just for you.

It does not happen often that Travel Bloggers get a tool they can use to connect with their followers and readers, one that can literally change the whole game. Well, now you have Routey.

You can create and share your walking tours, guided tours, few hours itinerary, best spots in town kind of tour, almost anything you want to create that will take your readers from one point to the other in any city, and you can add your thoughts on each point including a lot of other information as well.

When your readers will access your route on Routey they will have direct access to you, from your user profile on each of tour page, users can simply click your main link or social links to connect with you.

Routey becomes another channel to your audience, only this is a truly three-dimensional channel, this is not just visual or textual, your readers can download the Routey app and walk in your footsteps reading your comments about each point they stop at – and how to approach the next one.

Create an Itinerary and walking tours on Routey

We created this platform for everyone, but it is clear that are champions are travel bloggers, at the moment we are looking for a few of you out there to cooperate with and work together, this is an invitation.

Contact us via Twitter, the site or here



Great Pizza Places in Central London


Self Walking Tour London – London Market Tour

In this London market walking tour, we will explore three different markets, Netil market, Columbia Road flower market and the glorious Spitalfields market.

This 2-mile walk (around 45 minutes without stopping, which you will probably do, since this is a market tour) takes you through a market lovers heaven, finishing in one of the hippest and coolest market of London – Spitalfields.

If you start this walk in the morning, you can plan for a coffee stop before hitting Spitalfields, or plan for a great curry lunch in any of Brick Lane’s fantastic Indian restaurants.

If this is an afternoon walking tour, consider walking the extra mile (its actually 0.9 miles but sounds cool) and visiting the Barbican center.


Best Burgers in Berlin (3 of them at least)

best hamburgers in Berlin


Discover Old Spitalfields Market London


London – A Night out

A night out in London, cinema food and fun drinks in a great pub – what could you want more?


Literary Covent Garden Walking Tour

A great walking tour in Covent Garden – you can find the full route in the link.


London Ruben Sandwich & Marylebone walking tour

Ruben sandwich and Paddington street gardens tour.

You can find this route on our Ruben sandwich and Paddington garden route.