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Place Sablon in Brussels Video Tour

Place Sablon Brussels tour from Routey on Vimeo.

This public square on the historic part of the city of Brussels has a unique quality to it, although being located in the center of town it has its peaceful and quite corners. This is a fantastic walk from the Palais de Justice down to the royal part of the city, and this square offers a great opportunity for food and drink, some rest and some viewing of the actual people of the city as they walk about their day.


Covent Garden London Walking Tour Video


What Is Routey?

routey travel – upload and share your walking tours

Routey is a new online platform for you to upload, share and view walking tours and routes.

You can get inspired by travel routes of your friends, or of people that you do not know and you can write up your own routes to share with your friends and followers.

So you can find the routes people you know walk when you are in their city – or their favourite places, and you will see how your friends walk in those places, the favourite streets that they pass in, why the pass there and where are they heading.

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Quick Walk in Brussels


Experience our walking tour of London tower and the tower bridge.


A Note to Travel Bloggers


The Travel Blogger Paradise

If you are a travel blogger what could you want more than to share your actual footsteps with your followers?

Routey is a system that does just that – you can publish your own walking routes in a city and share them with your followers, add photos of the route and explain why you like each point. Your followers can experience first hand the actual streets you walk in and connect to the places you love in an individual and unique way.

The same can be done with other users routes – discover what routes your favourite bloggers take in cities, learn about their other passions and get to know them in a whole new way by walking in their footsteps.

Try uploading your route and see how it goes.


Your Own Walking Tour

Walking tours can be found in most cities today, some of these walks are amazing, the guides offer you great information and insights into the city’s history and life.

But no one knows better than the people living in the city, nothings is more important than the actual experience of the streets, and this is exactly why we believe that regular people can create their own walking tours and routes in their home cities – or favorite cities.

Because so many people live life through travel today, we have an amazing opportunity of accessing the minds and passions of so many who are serious travelers and can show us hidden secret paths – and educate us about how the locals see the places, and how their passions influence the way they experience their city.

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The New Traveller

You may have already met her, the new traveller, with a not-so-heavy backpack holding a laptop, a great camera and maybe even an action camera.

New travellers are a threat to the old world tourism, they are reinventing the way people explore the world, they are staying in Airbnb rooms, booking cheap flights and finding creative solutions so they do not have to spend huge sums of money on travel. Every dollar saved is kept for reaching the next destination.

Routey was built with these travellers in mind, we want to give you a platform that you can easily publish the routes you love, and share them with your following, it can be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network, it can be on your site or blog, and it can be your friends.

Routey is a route travel planning system that would allow you to follow the people that inspire you, so you could walk in their footsteps in their favorite destinations, you could sit on the same park bench, have coffee at the same corner cafe and gaze on the same trees in the park, you can experience the world through their eyes, and your followers could do the same with you.

Join Routey today and start uploading your own routes to share with the travel community.



Walking in London Marylebone high street from Routey on Vimeo.

Check out our new video, walking from the Baker street tube station to the Wallace collection on Manchester square in London, this is a beautiful route that takes you through one of the nicest places in centeral London.

Marylebone still has a feeling of a small town, you will find many great British pubs here and small shops selling many things, old travel book shop and much more.